We share the vision and value of Videa with our partners to make our ecosystem fertile, so our further goal is B2C products. Videa aims to be the learning land of abundance, by cooperation with many valuable partners to spread out the product to numerous students around the country. We all know and understand the extreme high studying demand of high school, university students. There for, we hope to build an effective and innovative eLearning environment for them. Students who use our business will have access to the following services:  

  • Thousands of in-house online lectures, as taught by reputed  high school teachers and university lecturers,  

  • Original quiz service with thousands of questions in the question bank, completed with automatic feedback and analytic tools to help students identify their weaknesses and adjust their course of study accordingly.  

  • Personalized, one-on-one tutoring service that enable students to study their way anywhere, anytime they want to.  

Think bigger and bigger, we try to dying the world the color of Videa, to bring platform of business to many destinations.