Our mission is building new paradigm for education combining among flexible system with better tutoring, environment and contents. So basically elearning is the modern - and technologically enhanced way - to approach distance learning. In overal, we wan to creat an excellent learning environment. 


Business competition also likes a battle of the war. Strategy 1, Divide and conquer, an art of war can be adapted in our strategy. We want to centralize, decentralize and then distribute the product range to meet whole the demands of users. 

Strategy 2, base on the challenges mentioned before, do not let students study alone. The eLearning environment will be combined other students, tutors or teachers, study space and web conference. We want to bring more changes for students’ interaction like a eLearning community.  

Browsing the latest technology trends will help us develop a powerful e-learning strategy. Associating with new technology brings a new wave of learning.  

This is the Business Scope of VIDEA. The roadmap is carried out from small step to giant leap. Based on our legacy, we can develop the new one which is unique, different and innovative. Our market range is not only business or organization but also individual customer.















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