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One our valued partner is Richlion, which is an emerging company with innovative tutor platform in Taiwan. Along with the development of E-learning, Education-Based Technical is growing. Understand students' ostacles like inefficient and  ineffective teaching, understand the 24/7 problem-solving demand, we brand a new idea of tutor in E-learning. For student, we can have your question answered immediately. For teacher, we provide them interactive online teaching system. For both student and teacher, various and smooth interactive teaching as well as operation screen and excellent teaching platform enhances students' learning. 


Besides, we brand a new idea of teaching. An interactive white board designed for teacher, intutive UX (User Experience Design, our platform will use almost same UX as zalo, messenger, this kind of popular chat app, it means that users do not need to learn how to use our app), lowest cost Peer to Peer (P2P) partner used, are developed along with interactive white board, video, audio and immediate texting interaction.  


More flexibility in development for teachers and more profit leads to Online to Offlice (O2O) success. 

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