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  • CEO: Mr. Ben Huang 

He is a CEO of Goozilla Edtech Ltd, which is an Edtech solution provider in China and Taiwan.  

Mr. Ben is an experienced person with the majors on: 

  • Business model Consulting 

  • Service platform 

  • Content Development 

  • Achievement diagnostic system   

  • eBooks edit and development 

  • Text and reference books industry 


Mr. Ben has been participating many eLearning projects between China and Taiwan. Some of the main projects are: 


- Ehanlin platform, the first self-learning product with achievement diagnostic system in Taiwan 2010-2012 

- Ebook editing project for K-12 as a project manager, 2012-2014 

- AR/VR learning material development as a project manager, 2013-2015 

- Cognitive Load Theory in digital content development as a project manager 2014 

- Sambest Ltd., Situated Language Teaching System as a project manager, 2015 

- Studybank Ltd.,Adaptive Micro-learning Personalized system as a project director 2015-2016 

- Study123 Ltd.,Edtech and business experience development as a consultant 2016 

- Richlion Ltd., New interactive tutor platform in K12 as a Co-funder 2016-2017 

- KNSW Publish Ltd, New e-learning system development as a consultant 2018 

- Awarded in Taiwan ebook project  of AEL Gold Medal  2011  

  • CTO: Mr. Scott Yoo

He is a Co-Founder of Ubion and Chief of Edtech Center of Ubion.Mr Scott is an experienced person with the majors on: 

- E-learning Standardization 

- Moodle 


Content Development 

-Edtech Service and Solution Consulting 

- Authoring Tool 


- Badge 

- Blockchain


 Since some years ago, he has been participating many projects and getting some awards. Some remarkable projects and awards are:  

- KOICA project for Hanoi Open University as a system development manager, 2014 

- EDCF project for Ministry of Colombia as a system development manager, 2013 

- Nicaraguan government LMS project as a project manager, 2015 

- Peru ministry of statistics consulting project as a consultant, 2016 

- Moroco ministry of export consulting project as a consultant, 2016 

- 40 Korean University LMS and Competency management system as a project manager 

- E-learning standardization activities for Korean government as a expert 

- 1st Moodle Certified Partnership in Korea as a leader, 2015 

- 1st Moodle Business Project in Korea as a manager, 2008 

- "Dance with Moodle" Book published, 2010 

- Hundreds of Articles in Edtech Blogs(, 

- Badgechain Whitepaper as a cowriter, 2018 

- Awarded in Korea e-learning solution, 2014 

- Awarded in Japanese e-learning solution, 2015 

  • Ubion Ltd., top e-learning service provider in Korea with over 50% market share in the high education area, Ubion Co., Ltd. Is the life-long education company focused on educational solutions, contents and services for ubiquitous learning.  

The name of 'UBION CO, LTD.' is derived on the word 'Ubiquitous'  

which means 'being everywhere at once'. Ubion is an EduTech representative that supports the environment for various educational service through data communication network anytime and anywhere. 


Ubion has consistently developed diverse education contents, including employment, finance, real estate, credit banks, and national exam, from commissioned education to learning platforms for higher education institutions and businesses. 


As a result, we are actively engaged not only in domestic but also in overseas ICT infrastructures such as Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Nicaragua and Vietnam. 

Ubion is the first company which released the localized learning platform brand in Korea, COURSEMOS, based on the open-source software, Moodle. With the advanced technology, Ubion is expanding the field to the global market 

  • Goozilla Ltd., a technology company providing e- learning solutions for many companies in Taiwan and China.  

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